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How do I set a static IP address on my Overdrive's management port?

Overdrive 3000 procedure to set a static IP for the management port:

  1. If the unit is powered up, shut down and unplug the unit.
  2. Connect to the serial console on the rear panel.
  3. Bring up a screen or other terminal.
  4. Plug in the unit.
  5. When the BIOS screen prompt to enter the setup appears, press delete or escape.

6. Once in the Setup Utility, the following screen will appear:

7. Use the left arrow key to navigate to the Server Management tab.

8. Arrow down to the BMC network configuration menu item.

9. Press enter to access the BMC network configuration sub menu.

10. Change the Configuration Address source to static.

11. Enter the static management port IP address, subnet mask and the router information.

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