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How do I connect to my Overdrive’s serial console from a Linux or Mac system?

You will normally connect to your Overdrive’s serial console via a null-modem cable attached to a USB-serial converter.  On a Linux or Mac system, the screen command can be used as a terminal emulator.  A console session may then be initiated with a command such as:

# screen /dev/<serial_device> 115200

where <serial_device> is the name of the device node associated with your USB-serial converter.  This name will depend on the specific device driver used by your converter.  For example, for some common converters, <serial_device> could be ttyUSB0 or ttyAMA0.

When you are finished with your console session, you can exit the emulator by entering the key sequence <ctrl>-A K.  Information about the screen command can be found by entering:

# man screen


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